Our Artists


From Magma to King Crimson via Gong or Nobuo Uematsu, Arnaud Quevedo‘s influences are numerous. His sometimes lyrical, sometimes jazzy, often funky universe, including obsessive loops and a few heavy riffs, remains firmly anchored in a progressive jazz-rock style.


BABAL reveal a dystopian, offbeat view of life; their cinematic, psych/art-rock approach calling up comparisons with Talking Heads, Zappa, Beefheart, Hendrix, Primus, Bent Knee, and Patti Smith among many. The band have gathered great responses around the UK and Europe and have also played live soundtracks for Alternative Cinema presentations.


It’s a story against violence, war, absurd hate, and behavior between humans.
A deep dive into psychological human nature and what it has been able to commit in History.
Orchestral and cinematic situations, presented in folk/prog/rock/Celtic music.


Fearful Symmetry is a UK progressive music ensemble, studio-based. Style: blending early classic prog, rock, classical, jazz, world music.


Frau Fleischer is a French duo of two hairy guys, whose sound is influenced by metal, future pop, and industrial music, with references from the ’80s’ and 90s’ dance music and a strong trashy print.


Gabriel Keller explores emotions: joy, sadness, nostalgia, melancholy… Between luminous, airy, and light atmospheres, inspired by artists such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Agnès Obel and a more tortured, aggressive, and progressive facet inspired by artists such as Porcupine Tree, Opeth, or Karnivool.


Mixing progressive rock, classical music, and some theatrical aspects, the band originally formed by Eric Bouillette, Laura Piazzai & Clive Nolan announced their debut album “The Rise of Medici”.
This opus features some of the major episodes in the life of Cosimo and Contessina De’ Medici.


Since NEMO disbanded after 9 albums distributed all over the world, JPL carries the torch of French Progressive Rock as a recording and touring artist.
Between 2020 and 2022, the “Sapiens” trilogy was released, a musical fresco about the history of humanity recently brought to the stage by a new team of high-profile musicians.


Moon Letters was formed in 2016 in Seattle. The music suggests a diverse approach, with lyrics exploring personal growth, the future of the world, and scifi imaginations of the early space age.


“Improviser rather than jazzman, just as capable of confronting the scores of a classical repertoire as of composing himself, Morgan Roussel is one of those “precocious children” who have found refuge in art.” (Benjamin Ferret – Sud Ouest)


From 2002 to 2015, NEMO have been one of the leading Prog Rock bands in France. In 15 years of existence, they conquered the world community of Prog lovers with their nine studio albums.

Nemo have shared the stage with: Focus, Adagio, The Flower Kings, 3, Anglagard, Galahad, Carptree, Pat McManus band, Fish, Vanden Plas, Saga…


Nine Skies is a progressive rock band inspired by many influences: rock, pop, progressive, jazz … They welcomed outstanding guests in their albums (Steve Hackett, Clive Nolan, Craig Blundell, Damian Wilson…)


Following the footsteps of bands such as Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Pain Of Salvation, and the softer side of Opeth, Post Generation is sure to represent a definite answer to a genre that still has a lot to say.


Solace Supplice is a French art rock band, inspired by many influences from prog to classical, creating dark & more dreamy ambiances.


Debut solo album from guitarist and songwriter
Steve Anderson. A founding member of melodic rock band, The Room; also
a long-time member of progressive rock band, Grey Lady Down, and jazz-rock
fusion Sphere³.

TASSI | 水树

TASSI is a Blackgaze bard in the universe of heaven and man. Through this character created by Dryad (Bliss Illusion), we’re told about his esoteric and mystical journey to find his lover, Uni.


Xavier Boscher is a French musician and painter. Guitarist, keyboardist, and bass player, he has composed and released many albums since 1999 in progressive rock and metal genre, for himself and other projects (Nebuleyes, Misanthrope, and more…). He has recorded 2 albums with Misanthrope (‘Immortel’ and ‘Recueil d’écueils’) and the band has toured in Europe with Septicflesh.


XCIII (To a passerby…) is an Avantgarde Rock / Metal project located in France. Its aim is to combine different styles going from Black Metal to Trip Hop with no limitation, but with the will to keep a musical and lyrical coherence between all the tracks. A kind of « Art Total », where music, lyrics, and pictures respond to each other.