Clive Nolan and Laura Piazzai announcement

Here is Clive’s announcement. You can write your comments on the FB pages:

“Here’s something…

“From the Outside In’… What next?

Clive Nolan and Laura Piazzai are planning to make a follow-up ‘From the Outside In’ featuring a selection of songs Clive has written over the years.

With this next album, we are planning a different approach and would like to include you (yes, you!) in some important decisions. We want you to help us to build the best album we can: you can be part of this process by suggesting songs written by Clive.

Some songs may remain close to the originals, and some will be re-interpreted from scratch… all of them will feature Laura’s unique vocal approaches.

If you would like to suggest a song from Clive’s vast catalogue, then please include a reason for wanting that number. If your song gets selected for the album, then we will include your name in the liner notes of the CD book, and we may ask you to write an introduction to that chosen song.

Remember, the songs need to be written (or mainly written) by Clive.

We’re listening! 😉

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