Erewän – How will all this end? [Debut album]

We are very happy to announce Erewän’s debut album – “How will all this end?”

The album will be released on December 10, 2021 but you can now order it in the Anesthetize’s shop or on Bandcamp.

(4 Panel Digipack)

1. Rising Sun on the Shore
2. Childhoods
3. Walk Away
4. Headline
5. The Banshee’s Keening
6. Witches of the Middle Ages
7. Twist of Fate
8. Evil’s in Us
9. Highlands

Music and Lyrics by Erewän
Alexandre Lamia: additional guitars on 2, 9
Eric Bouillette: additional violin on 9

Recorded by Erewän and Alexandre Lamia
Mixed and Mastered by Alexandre Lamia
Artwork by Erewän

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