Nine Skies announce new guest: Adam Holzman

French prog rock band Nine Skies announce that Adam
will be featuring on their forthcoming album.
Adam is simply one of the most innovative musicians
alive. His career and collaborations are far too huge to be
listed here.

In 1985, he was hired by Miles Davis to play keyboards
on the trumpeter’s Tutu album, and stayed with him for
almost five years, eventually becoming his musical

Adam also started playing with Steven Wilson on his first
solo tour. Since joining the Steven Wilson live band,
Adam has played keys on all of Steven Wilson’s solo
albums and concert tours to date.

The album ‘The Lightmaker’ is due to be released on
September 18, 2023.

So far, Marco Minnemann and Riccardo Romano have
also been announced as guests on the album. If you
follow the band, you are used to their way to announce
guests and news during the recording process and we
can imagine that more various announcements will

You can still pre-order the album and benefit from exclusive pre-release rewards HERE.

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