Xavier Boscher – Starseeds I

We are thrilled to announce Xavier Boscher‘s forthcoming album ‘Starseeds I’, out on April 24th.

Xavier Boscher is a French musician and painter. Guitarist, keyboardist, and bass player, he has composed and released many albums since 1999 in progressive rock and metal genre, for himself and other projects (Nebuleyes, Misanthrope, and more…). He has recorded 2 albums with Misanthrope (‘Immortel’ and ‘Recueil d’écueils’) and the band has toured in Europe with Septicflesh.

Through eight tracks of pure instrumental Progressive Metal, ‘Starseeds I’ take you on a cosmic journey from which your soul will not return unscathed.


Pleiadian: https://youtu.be/0Zm43Mh12vg

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