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Clive Nolan announces Imaginaerium’s forthcoming album

Imaginaerium announce their album “The Rise of Medici” out on September 16th with a video teaser. Band’s links HERE.

Bad Dog Promotions interviewed Ian Mosley from Marillion for Koid’9 Magazine!

Nine Skies – Steve Hackett, John Hackett & Damian Wilson featuring on the new album

Steve Hackett, John Hackett & Damian Wilson are featuring on the new Nine Skies’ album “5.20“. Listen to the teaser here:

Clive Nolan joins Imaginaerium!

Bad Dog Promotions, Imaginaerium, Clive Nolan

Bad Dog Promotions & Imaginaerium are happy to announce that the progressive rock guru, Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland, Caamora) will be responsible for developing the concept for “The Rise of Medici”. As well as writing the lyrics and in collaboration with Eric Bouillette, Clive will also compose the music and orchestrate the forthcoming album. It is for the first time in his career that Clive will impersonate a baddie!

Bad Dog Promotions, Imaginaerium, The Rise of Medici
Cover artwork by Kim Ouzo


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