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New section: “Session musicians”

We are thrilled to launch our new section: “Session musicians“!

We’ll announce musicians one at a time. Today we are glad to welcome Scott Higham.

Scott is an award-winning Session Drummer who has recorded over 50 Studio Albums, and several Live Albums, Live DVDs and performed thousands of live shows across the world.

Artists include Pendragon, Clive Nolan, Caamora, Oliver Wakeman, Angel Witch, Imaginaerium, Dante Fox, Alan Reed, Dec Burke, Infinitome, Paul Samson, Shadowkeep, Sutej Singh, Madison Dyke, Mirko Sangrigoli, Fabien Bienvenu, Euphoria, Mythical Aggression, End of the century, GLF, Sundown, Ethos, Tian… amongst many others.

If you are looking for professional musicians to collaborate on your album, look at our talented session musicians, and feel free to contact us.

If you propose session music services and want to submit to be included in our roster please get in touch with us.

We’re always happy to hear about new musicians!

Imaginaerium – ‘The rise of Medici’ is here!

We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited concept album ‘The rise of Medici’ is out via Crime Records & We Låve Rock!

Defined as one of Clive Nolan’s greatest albums and the most beautiful collaboration with Eric Bouillette (rip), “The Rise of Medici” presents itself as a unique epic symphonic rock opera with renaissance flavour. Ranked as one of the best albums of 2022/23, now available in digipack and luxury earbook format.

Fusion Festival 2023

We are thrilled to be part of this great event!
Are you ready to join us?

Nine Skies announce new guest: Adam Holzman

Following Marco Minnemann & Riccardo Romano announcements, French prog rock band Nine Skies announce that Adam Holzman will be featuring on their forthcoming album.

Read the whole article HERE.

Clive Nolan and Laura Piazzai announcement

Here is Clive’s announcement. You can write your comments on the FB pages:

“Here’s something…

“From the Outside In’… What next?

Clive Nolan and Laura Piazzai are planning to make a follow-up ‘From the Outside In’ featuring a selection of songs Clive has written over the years.

With this next album, we are planning a different approach and would like to include you (yes, you!) in some important decisions. We want you to help us to build the best album we can: you can be part of this process by suggesting songs written by Clive.

Some songs may remain close to the originals, and some will be re-interpreted from scratch… all of them will feature Laura’s unique vocal approaches.

If you would like to suggest a song from Clive’s vast catalogue, then please include a reason for wanting that number. If your song gets selected for the album, then we will include your name in the liner notes of the CD book, and we may ask you to write an introduction to that chosen song.

Remember, the songs need to be written (or mainly written) by Clive.

We’re listening! 😉

Nine Skies unveil ‘The Explorer’, the first single from their forthcoming album, featuring Riccardo Romano on vocals:



They also announce that preorders for the album ‘The Lightmaker’ – including exclusive prerelease rewards – are now available HERE.

Don’t miss it!

Festivals – Bad Dog Promotions’ Partners

We are happy to unveil the first lineup of our partners for 2023!

Nine Skies announce Marco Minnemann as first guest on their forthcoming album

Marco worked with Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, The Mute Gods, Tony Levin and Jordan Rudess, Joe Satriani, Randy McStine, and so many others, we no longer present one of the most talented drummers and multi-instrumentalists.

The Lightmaker is due to be released on September 18th, 2023. Stay tuned!

EVENT: KLONE + Wedingoth + Amon Sethis

Splintering Booking Agency & Syncope Prod announced KLONE + Wedingoth + Amon Sethis live on 05/27/2023 at CGR La Rotonde in Villeurbanne (69) – France.
KLONE will present their new album “Meanwhile”.

Imaginaerium – The Rise of Medici – Scream Magazine

Thanks to Scream Magazine for this interview with Clive Nolan.

Festival Prog en Beauce – Partenariat

Nous sommes très heureux d’annoncer notre partenariat avec le festival Prog en Beauce!

Le festival Prog en Beauce est né de l’envie de faire connaître dans la région centre le style de musique rock que l’on dit progressif. La première édition s’est jouée à guichet fermé le 26 octobre 2013 dans la petite salle “Rive Droite” de Nogent-Le-Roi.

Les trois années suivantes, Prog en Beauce a trouvé un lieu plus spacieux à Villemeux-sur-Eure permettant à ce “petit” festival de gagner ses lettres de noblesse.

En 2017, l’équipe organisatrice a concocté une édition spéciale, une sorte de “best of” des quatre premières éditions, sur deux jours. Elle a eu lieu dans la salle Maurice Leblond de Pierres en partenariat avec la municipalité. 
À ce jour, ce partenariat est reconduit chaque année offrant un meilleur confort à tous.

Fireworks Magazine – Partnership

We are more than thrilled to announce our partnership with the great Fireworks magazine.
Check it out here!

Festival Crescendo

Le Crescendo festival nous a une fois de plus offert une programmation exceptionnelle! 🔥
Bad Dog était présent avec vous, et fièrement représenté sur scène par Arnaud Quevedo & Friends! 🎶
A l’année prochaine 😎!

Bad Dog Promotions interviewed Ian Mosley from Marillion for Koid’9 Magazine!

Nine Skies – Steve Hackett, John Hackett & Damian Wilson featuring on the new album

Steve Hackett, John Hackett & Damian Wilson are featuring on the new Nine Skies’ album “5.20“. Listen to the teaser here:

Clive Nolan joins Imaginaerium!

Bad Dog Promotions, Imaginaerium, Clive Nolan

Bad Dog Promotions & Imaginaerium are happy to announce that the progressive rock guru, Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland, Caamora) will be responsible for developing the concept for “The Rise of Medici”. As well as writing the lyrics and in collaboration with Eric Bouillette, Clive will also compose the music and orchestrate the forthcoming album. It is for the first time in his career that Clive will impersonate a baddie!

Bad Dog Promotions, Imaginaerium, The Rise of Medici
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